Our Weekend at the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo

I spent this past weekend at the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s expo. This was Adelaide Hypnobirthing’s first ever expo, and I had such a great time meeting so many expecting parents (and also sneaking in some cuddles from some of our past clients hypnobubs!!). It was great to spread the word about Hypnobirthing. I thought I would share a quick recap for those of you who were not able to come...

We had such a great response, with many people coming up and saying ‘I don’t know much about Hypnobirthing but my sister/friend/midwife said that I HAVE to check it out!’. I also had also lots of new mums sharing how much Hypnobirthing helped them, and how they would recommend it to anyone who is pregnant. One woman who had attended Hypnobirthing classes even said that she felt absolutely no pain at all! How awesome is that?? Keep sharing your experience of positive birth. Pregnant women need to hear that birth doesn’t have to be a scary and traumatic event.

The benefits of Hypnobirthing are spreading throughout South Australia, and I’m so glad that I am a part of this amazing program. I know the ‘hypno’ part of Hypnobirthing can sound a bit scary, but trust me its absolutely not! And the benefits of using hypnosis during pregnancy and birth are seriously awesome. It was great to see Hypnobirthing recommended in an article on Labour Pain in the Parenting Insights magazine. If you have your copy and haven't had a read yet I would definitely recommend checking it out!

A few women asked if reading the Hypnobirthing books would work instead of attending the course. As I always say, the books are a fantastic start and can help you to understand what Hypnobirthing is all about, but to get the full benefits of Hypnobirthing it is definitely best to attend either private or group classes. Not only do we practice the techniques to make sure that you fully understand them, you also have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns that may be specific to your situation. Plus, as I am a Registered Midwife currently working in both public and private hospitals I can ensure that our course is up to date and relevant to maternity options and services specific to South Australia. So if your loving your Hypnobirthing book maybe take a look into class options that may suit you!

It was great to get to know the other stallholders and to share the benefits of Hypnobirthing classes with them (many had actually used Hypnobirthing with their own births!). I loved checking out all the other stands and learning about many new products and services! Some of my favourites included…

Adelaide Birth Photographer

My absolute favourite photographer! Victoria is one seriously talented lady and it was great to finally meet in person. I have spent many hours scrolling through the Adelaide Birth Photographer Facebook photos (and I know I'm definitely not the only one!) If you are interested in hiring a photographer for your labour and birth I definitely recommend checking out Adelaide Birth Photographer.

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny Hearts First Aid provides paediatric first aid classes to new and expecting parents. They empower parents to feel confident in their ability to identify and respond to any medical emergency that their baby or child may face. Their trainers are paramedics or paediatric nurses which I think is really great., and I also love the fact that they are all about empowerment and knowledge. Their course looks fantastic, and would be great to attend along with your Hypnobirthing classes.

Indi & Frey

I am in love with my Indi & Frey necklace and bangle! This Adelaide company make gorgeous yet practical silicone jewellery. Not only does their jewellery look great, but it is also designed to be used as a nursing aid to keep baby focussed. The silicone is super soft, and I especially love that the bangle looks like your typical hard plastic but is actually really soft and comfortable to wear. I will definitely be buying more from here in the future.

I could go on and on! It is so great to have all of these great services and products in the one venue. I know that the expo can get busy and a bit hectic, but you do come away with some great insights and information. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Did you visit us at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo? What was your favourite service/product?

Disclaimer: As always, this post is not sponsored and I received no compensation for my promotion of these products/services. I just genuinely love what they are all about!

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