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Can I use Hypnobirthing if I am having a planned Caesarean?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

‘Oh Hypnobirthing sounds so great, but I’m having a planned caesarean.’

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, well, I would have a lot of dollars! Most women who I speak to believe that Hypnobirthing tools and techniques can only be used in a natural (vaginal) birth. When I first began my training I too assumed that this was the case, but fortunately it is not. In our typical Hypnobirthing classes, we are preparing for a natural birth, however the tools and techniques that are learnt can also be used during a caesarean. To be honest I think that many Hypnobirthing couples would agree with me when I say that the techniques can be used even after your baby is born (those terrible two tantrums? Struggling to sleep at night? Hypnobirthing to the rescue!) But what if you aren’t planning a vaginal birth? What is you are booked in for a planned caesarean? Does that mean that you can’t attend a Hypnobirthing course? Absolutely not!

After completing extra training and assessments I am certified to teach Hypnobirthing Positive Caesarean Birth Courses. This course is a world first, and has received national and international acclaim. As I’ve said before, I truly believe that all women deserve to have a positive birth experience, no matter how their baby comes into the world! We all know that sometimes the safest way (for baby or mum) to birth is via a caesarean, and with our caesarean rate in Adelaide currently sitting at over 30% I believe that this course is incredibly needed. I know that this course is SO powerful, and that it can be truly life changing for mothers and babies. Not only does it lead to a more relaxed and positive pregnancy and birth, but it also sets couples up for a very empowered journey into becoming parents. Far too many women are left feeling traumatized by their birth, and by teaching this course I hope to make a big impact on the mental wellbeing of women and their families.

'Things didn't go as planned but we took each turn in a calm informed way so hypnobirthing DEFINITELY helped. Ava was born a perfectly happy, TOTALY CHILLED little hypno bub :) I am proud at the way I handled things and overall we both feel that it was a positive birthing experience and we feel that was due to your course and the amazing hospital staff.

Fiona (hypnobirthing Caesarean mama)

Gorgeous little Ava, born via caeserean.

So what exactly is covered in this course?

Conditioning techniques for a positive birth The Power of Affirmations Re-programming the subconscious What is hypnosis and how will we use it for birthing? How fear affects our body and baby Mind/body connection Introduction to positive mindset of hypnobirthing

Hypnosis for releasing fears and visualising your positive caesarean birth Exclusive mp3 downloads The birth partner’s role Information on ‘The Natural Caesarean’, benefits of immediate skin-to-skin, keeping mums and babies together, our baby’s micro biome, breastfeeding, tips for recovery Extra resources Birth preferences – knowledge & open communication with caregivers Self hypnosis techniques (using triggers, anchors, touch, suggestion, music, visualization, prompts, self hypnosis scripts and tracks) Instant relaxation techniques Our toolkit for birthing Bonding with baby at birth – our birthing environment Pre-birth bonding Bonding with baby Healthy mum – healthy bub; importance of good nutrition & exercise

What does the course include?

The course is taught over a 4 hour session (either in person or over skype), and also includes a caesarean specific folio of resources, 5 relaxation & self hypnosis mp3 tracks, our ebook and as much email/phone support from me leading up to the birth of your baby as you would like. The perfect combination for preparing for a positive caesarean birth!

Hearing the news from your midwife of obstetrician that they recommend a caesarean when you were hoping for a natural birth can be overwhelming and often downright scary. By completing this course I will help you to work through these feelings, recognize what you CAN control in this situation and what your options are, as well as sharing tools and techniques to help you achieve a calm, empowering and positive caesarean birth. So yes, you absolutely can use hypnobirthing no matter what turn your birth takes – including a caesarean!

If you would like to book a Positive Caesarean Birth Course with me please contact me here.

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