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Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the new mother? We do!

Hello + Welcome!  We are so glad you're here.

We believe that all families deserve to have a positive birth experience and start to parenthood, and would love to support you to feel held on your journey! 

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Are you trying to prepare for birth but experiencing 'information overload' and struggling to know exactly what to do in labour? 

When you think about actually giving birth to your baby are you overcome with fear?

Have you heard from family/friends who really struggled with breastfeeding + life after birth and want to set yourself up for success?

We can help!

Our Team.

We are a team of passionate private midwives who are dedicated to providing caring, professional and kind support to families during their preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journey.

We've helped hundreds of women to experience a positive pregnancy and birth that they cant wait to do again!

Our dream is a world where all families emerge from their birth + postpartum journey feeling powerful, confident and like they can handle anything life/parenthood throws at them! 


Work With Us

We offer a number of services from preconception planning right through to breastfeeding and infant sleep support over the first year of motherhood. 

Our approach puts you in the drivers seat and is always focussed on helping you to achieve your goals. 


Our Story

This business started as just a one woman show, and as we've expanded we have always been guided by what our clients were asking for, and where they  felt unsupported in their maternity care. 

 It's been the best journey and we are so proud of the different ways we support families today.


Empowering Birth Classes

Our courses are evidence based, relaxed and will arm you will the mindset and toolkit to support you to work with pain in labour, rather than fighting against it! 

Feel confident and excited about birthing your baby! 

Group and private courses available in Adelaide.

Connect with us on Instagram @heldmidwifery

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