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Hi mama, I'm so glad you're here!

  Are you excited to become a mum, but also a little bit terrified about what lies ahead? 

Are you trying to prepare for birth but experiencing 'information overload' and struggling to know exactly what to do in labour? 

When you think about actually giving birth to your baby are you overcome with fear?

Have you heard from family/friends who really struggled with breastfeeding + life after birth and want to set yourself up for success?

That's where we can help!

I'm Hannah Willsmore, and I am an Adelaide -based midwife and award-winning childbirth educator. My team and I work with women + families who are ready to take charge of their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey so that they can give themselves and their baby the best start to life.  


With close to a decade of experience in this field, I combine my extensive midwifery knowledge, training and clinical experience in a variety of health care settings with my coaching skills to offer practical birth preparation courses and postnatal midwifery support to allow you to thrive, not just survive through your journey.  



Yes, you read that right! Birth can be an enjoyable, beautiful experience for you and your birth partner that you can't wait to experience again! With the right knowledge, tools, support and preparation you too can achieve a beautiful experience. This then flows into your postnatal journey and those first few weeks with your new baby too!

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to support you to achieve your goals.


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Hannah Willsmore is a AHPRA Registered/Endorsed Midwife in private practice, Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and award winning childbirth educator based in Adelaide, South Australia. With her background working as a Midwife in multiple hospitals in a variety of settings she knows the 'ins-and-outs' of the maternity system here in Australia, and is passionate about helping women to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. She has completed further study including graduating as a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach and completing postgraduate midwifery studies in Prescribing, Screening and Diagnostics which allows her to prescribe medications and order ultrasounds/blood tests when necessary. She has a passion for education and holistic, evidence based care, and strives to support women to thrive, not merely survive in their new role. She currently offers a variety of midwifery services including in home antenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal (after birth) midwifery care, Hypnobirthing courses, as well as video and phone consultations for women not in SA. 

Connect with me on Instagram @hannahwillsmoremidwife

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