Frequently Asked Questions

Why hypnobirthing? Isn't that a bit weird? 

Hypnosis is actually a state of mind that we enter many times throughout the day without realising! The hypnosis that we use in the Positive Birth Course is all self-hypnosis, so not at all scary! There are no swinging watches here - hypnosis is purely a state of mind where we are very relaxed and focussed, which is exactly the state that we want to be in for our birth. The techniques that I teach will help you to easily get into this relaxed state of mind. No prior meditation/hypnotherapy experience is required!

What if things aren't completely 'natural'?

Our Positive Birth Course is designed for both natural and caesarean birth, which is why I believe it can help ANY couple preparing for the birth of their baby. We promote POSITIVE birth and Hypnobirthing Australia families are well prepared for whatever turns their birth may take. Chances are, their birth will be natural, but all throughout the course is it emphasised that the techniques will serve you well in any scenario. If you are planning an induction or epidural you can absolutely still use hypnobirthing! 

When is the best time to attend Hypnobirthing classes?


The answer is anytime! However the ideal time is between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. This allows you to have enough time to practice the techniques, but also means that the course is still fresh in your mind. If you are further along than this please contact us to discuss options which may be more suitable for you.

Should my partner attend?


Bring yourself and your partner/birth support. Our courses very much involve the partner, and their love and support can be a very important part of your birth experience. Your birth partner may be your partner, friend, sister, mother or anyone who you feel will best support you during your pregnancy and birth. You are also most welcome to attend classes solo if you prefer.

What if I am planning a Caesarean birth? Can I still use hypnobirthing?

Absolutely! I am certified to teach the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Caesarean Birth Course, designed specifically for couples planning an elective Caesarean. This course is a world first, and has received national and international acclaim. The course is taught over a 4 hour session (either in person or over Zoom), and also includes a caesarean specific folio of resources, 5 relaxation & self hypnosis mp3 tracks, our ebook and as much email/phone support from me leading up to the birth of your baby as you would like. Please contact me for more information or to book your Positive Caesarean Birth Course! 

What if I can't attend the group course dates? 

There are a number of ways that you can learn the Hypnobirthing Australia Program with Hannah. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more. 


What are your qualifications?


I am a Registered Midwife with endorsement, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner/Childbirth Educator, Life Coach and I have completed postgraduate midwifery studies at Griffith University in Prescribing, Screening and Diagnostics. I also complete 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year. As a midwife I have worked in both public and private hospitals across the full scope of midwifery care (including antenatal clinics, labour wards, birth centre, postnatal wards, special care nurseries and case coordinating for in home postnatal midwifery services).

What is an Endorsed Midwife?


An endorsement of my registration recognises that I have additional qualifications, training and expertise in a specific area of midwifery. As an Endorsed Midwife I am able to order blood tests or ultrasounds and prescribe medications, as well as offering Medicare-eligible care.


What can you help me with?


  • Preconception planning

  • Antenatal education

  • Breastfeeding education

  • Navigating our maternity system and understanding your choices

  • Counselling and emotional support

  • Creating birth preferences

  • Physical preparation for birth

  • In home breastfeeding support to ensure a successful breastfeeding journey

  • Baby care and settling advice

  • Birth debrief after a traumatic birth


Do you provide labour and birth care?


No I do not attend births or provide labour support. All of the women who seek care from myself will have a primary care giver for their pregnancy. This may be a midwife, obstetrician or doctor, or I may be their primary caregiver but they are booked into their local hospital for birth.  I know that doctors and midwives are increasingly time poor, and often just do not have the ability to provide thorough education and support during your scheduled visits. I work in collaboration with your maternity caregivers to provide holistic, evidence-based support. 


Do I really need private midwifery support? Can't I just get this kind of support from my midwife or doctor?


Only you can know if working with me is right for you. However, what I do know is that doctors and midwives have increasing demands and time restrictions placed on them, and they have a number of clinical tasks that they must complete in order to provide you with the safest care possible. I feel (and clients have reported) that education and emotional support are severely lacking in our maternity system. Hospitals are extremely busy places. In both public and private hospitals midwives often each have five mothers (and their babies) to care for. Antenatal appointments with a doctor or midwife are usually limited to 15 minutes. Supporting a new mother to prepare for birth or with breastfeeding takes time, and often midwives simply cannot allow enough time for each individual mother. Each of my appointments are a minimum of one hour in duration (often longer!) Having a baby and becoming a mother is not only a physical transformation, but a huge emotional transition that I believe deserves special support. That is what I am passionate about and what I am here to help you with. As a private midwife, I am able to focus 100% on you and your baby during our sessions. 



What if I am not in Adelaide?                                                


If you live rurally or interstate we can absolutely still work together. All of our sessions can be completed over Skype or phone, and any worksheets or extra resources can either be mailed or sent via email. Your location is no barrier to getting the support that you desire.



Do Medicare and Private Health rebates apply?                                   


Yes – Medicare rebates are payable on in person midwifery services provided during the antenatal period or during the first six weeks after birth with referral from your GP/Obstetrician. Click here to download and print the referral form. The amount of rebate you receive depends on your circumstances, including how much out of pocket costs you have paid for medical expenses in the year. Please contact Hannah for specific information on how much rebate you will receive for your session. Unfortunately medicare rebates are not available on education classes, however private health rebates may apply. 

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your concerns.