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Baby and Toddler Sleep Support

Infant sleep can be one of the biggest concerns for new parents over the first 12 months of their baby's life. .

With a myriad of sleep training options out there (both gentle and not-so-gentle) is can be overwhelming trying to work out what to do. 

Are you wanting to maximise your sleep so you can enjoy your days with your baby, but not wanting to sleep train? Hannah is your gal!


My approach is evidence based, encourages parent/child attachment and supports breastfeeding (for those who are breastfeeding). I incorporate the NDC framework because I believe that it is the most up to date and effective sleep support approach currently available. 

As a mum I knows how hard it can be to navigate infant sleep. We've had to navigate our own challenges with my son Archie, and I have personally implemented the NDC tools for sleep support that I share with my clients. I have both the professional and personal experience to support you with your baby's sleep - without sleep training! 

I get how incredibly hard it can be to function when you're sleep deprived - and would love to support you to feel more rested and able to enjoy motherhood!

Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) is an evidence based approach to supporting parents over the first year of their baby’s life, and incorporates lactation science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, sleep science, attachment psychology and acceptance and commitment therapy.


It is an evidence based approach which is so important as parents receive such conflicting advice on breastfeeding and sleep.

The NDC approach is not sleep training, and does not involve many of the common sleep training strategies such as cry it out, delayed responding, pick up put down, gradual extinction and Ferber. 

NDC approaches sleep from five key areas which I will discuss with you during our consultation:

Clinical breastfeeding support and lactation science
Unsettled infant behaviour
Infant sensory needs and development
Perinatal and infant mental health.


The NDC approach acknowledges that these areas are all interconnected - something I feel can often be missed if we are addressing breastfeeding issues, unsettled babies and sleep concerns in isolation.

As a NDC practitioner I offer evidence based, holistic sleep support appointments to families who would like to help their baby’s sleep while supporting attachment, responsive parenting and their own mental health. We will look not just at sleep, but at the five areas above to truly provide you with holistic, family centred care.


Sleep Support with Hannah


1 x 60 min video/phone consultation $149




Sleep Support Package - 2 x 60 min video/phone appointments 2 weeks apart plus four weeks email/text support to guide you through the strategies that we discuss $299.


Both options include relevant resources and handouts emailed to you after our session.  

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