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Pregnant Woman

Are you excited to become a mum, but feeling overwhelmed with everything that is ahead of you?

Have you been finding it difficult to find information about all of your options for pregnancy, birth and postnatal care?

Are you finding that you are experiencing 'information overload' and struggling to make the best decisions for you and your baby?

Perhaps you're not yet pregnant, but want to research your options ahead of time to be fully prepared?



One where you were able to think about what YOU really want for your experience, to explore ALL of your options, and discuss them with someone who can tell you exactly how the system works and how you can best navigate it for your own journey?

That’s where I come in. Through working as a midwife in both public and private hospitals I have seen how this system works. I know the 'ins and out' of the options available to women in Adelaide. And perhaps most importantly, I am passionate about spending quality time with women, deciphering their options, discussing what they really want, and then creating actions and steps to achieve the experience that they desire.

I don’t profess to know the best option for everyone, however I do believe that every women deserves to have all of her options presented to her in a relaxed setting where she can ask questions and look at the advantages and disadvantages of her options. I then feel that she will be able to make the best decision for her own personal circumstances.

Together we will create the perfect plan for your pregnancy care. I want you to achieve everything that you want for your pregnancy and birth - and more! This will see you transitioning into motherhood feeling safe, supported and confident.

Investment - $149 for a 60 min phone/video consultation. 

This Early Pregnancy Planning session is 100% focussed on your own wishes for your birth, and how you can best achieve them. This powerful session is driven by your needs, desires, questions and concerns. Some of the things we can explore:

What you truly want for your experience.
How you want to feel during your pregnancy, birth and early motherhood journey.
How you definitely don’t want to feel!
Your geographical location and which health care system you are ‘zoned’ to, and what this means.
Your care provider options.
Private vs Public - the differences and pros & cons of each.
Your birth setting options.
Antenatal education options that may be beneficial for you.
Birth support options and benefits
Postnatal support options.

This 60 minute phone consultation is best conducted before you are pregnant or in your first trimester (before 12 weeks of pregnancy). Before our session I will send you a client questionnaire so that I can get to know you better. 

* You are thinking about starting a family and want to understand what you need to do now in order to set yourself up for a positive experience. 

* You are in your first trimester of pregnancy 
* You are having your first baby and don’t really understand what your options are.
* Your pregnancy and birth experience with you last baby was less than ideal and you would like to find out how you can achieve a different experience this time. 
* You want to know 100% that you have made the right choice for you (not just what your sister or friend chose for their experience).
* You want to ask those silly questions that have been playing in your mind without being judged.
* You just really want someone who is real, can tell it like it is, and will provide you with all of the information (not just the options for a particular hospital).




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