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Katie's VBAC Birth Story

We are so glad we decided to do hypnobirthing after our first birth was quite long and difficult (posterior with head tilt). We ended up with an emergency c-section in the end but I always knew that I wanted to try for a natural VBAC whenever I had my second baby.

Well I ended up getting my natural VBAC! I'm so proud of myself and my Husband who was just incredible during the birth. I did a lot of prep work going into this birth with the positive affirmations, baby positioning yoga moves and practice breathing (the bearing down poster is still on the back of our toilet door haha).

I had irregular but decent surges soon after waking on Sunday. I had a couple of naps throughout the day which made them stop but they would return soon after waking. By the afternoon they were much stronger and becoming more regular. Things started to get much more real just after I put my daughter to bed for the night. I called my family in to come watch her and my Mum who was going to come with us to the hospital to watch the birth (she loved it by the way!) We went into hospital around 9:30pm. Being a VBAC, I was told that I would require continuous monitoring straight away which at first I was a bit upset about but having heard the risks of rupture, I wasn't willing to take the risk and was happy for this to occur. I asked to have monitoring that was mobile and didn't affect my movement. Baby's heart rate was a little elevated so I also required a drip and fluids. I laboured using the birthing ball, shower and tried to walk when I could. I started to feel like I needed to push but my midwife reassured me that the baby wasn't showing signs of being born soon and it was likely my waters which were bulging. So I decided to get up and walk to the toilet. Next contraction I had made my waters pop! I didn't experience that last time, was quite a sensation! I still felt like I needed to push so I moved onto the floor/mat and leaned over the ball. Pushing had begun but they were finding it hard to monitor the heart rate in the position I was in. My midwife asked me to move onto the bed temporarily so she could attach a monitor to the baby's head to keep an eye on heart rate. I ended up pushing and giving birth on the bed which was never my intention but I just couldn't move by then! I'm still amazed at how strong the pushing urge is. It literally took over my body, it's incredible. A little bit of a snip later and our daughter was born just after midnight.

Apparently my active labour was 52 minutes long! Insane what the woman's body can do. When I went in I was 4cm dilated. I remember thinking how Hannah said it doesn't really mean anything as the body can go from 4-10 in no time and it's true.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to try for a VBAC to give it a try. It's definitely possible!

I think the biggest thing we got out of your sessions was actually for my husband. He struggled through the first birth. This time around he had all the tools he needed and he was honestly the perfect birth partner. The gentle touch technique during contractions saved me. He was constantly telling me how amazing I was, what my body was doing and how we were about to welcome our baby into the world. Our midwife was so impressed and said we were an amazing team. My midwife herself was excellent. She was all for my VABC choice and asked me constantly before doing something if it was ok.

Thanks for all your help and support Hannah. To get to experience a birth like this has honestly a dream come true for me.

Welcome Margot Jean, born 20.05.19 0020 weighing 3.8kg! Big sister Matilda is so proud.

Birth story and photos shared with permission.

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