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Ella's Beautiful Hypnobirth

I just wanted to let you know how the birth went! I delivered Monty on 2/4/24 at 2142, weighing 3.82kg, 51.5cm and HC 37cm.

I woke that morning at 4 with very mild surges around 10 minutes apart. Adam got my tens on and I slept between surges and stayed relaxed. At 9am, everything stopped for 2 hours- I thought it was a false alarm! At 11am Charlie has a nap, so I followed suit- things picked up again.

I had a midwife visit already booked for 2pm, they came just to see how I was tracking and left happy after about 15 minutes and seeing 3 surges. I was happily managing with the tens, lots of pacing, squeezing my comb and breathing. I knew my body was working hard as each surge would last 90-120 seconds.

By 5pm I’d stopped talking much and was really in the zone- Adam was steering me while I paced so I could keep my eyes shut, but it got to the point where I needed to slow down- so I draped over the fit ball and Adam gently swayed my hips through surges. I thought I’d love hip squeezes or massage but I preferred Adam’s presence more than anything!

At what would’ve been around 5:45pm I started to transition, and we went to the hospital, meeting the midwives there. Adam was worried I’d deliver in the car (I knew I wouldn’t!!!) so the whole trip I said aloud “it’s ok”, which was a great mantra in the end!!! I was on a rolling surge for the drive, and it continued at the hospital from when we arrived at 6:30pm for maybe another 15 minutes.

I remember seeing the room briefly as we arrived (I preferred eyes shut)- birth pool in the corner, lights low, fairy lights on, bed pushed to the side and mat on the floor with a big support foam cushion (can’t remember the name of it!). I draped over the cushion while the bath filled and hopped in at around 7:30pm. It was an instant relief. I positioned myself over the edge of the bath and stayed there.

I remember feeling like surges were 10 minutes apart- I asked the midwife if it was normal for things to “slow down so much”. She replied quietly and calmly and said they weren’t far apart and things were progressing normally (I’d had no examinations). I had really lost concept of time. I knew my body was pushing after a time, the sensation changed and my vocalisation became much more guttural.

At 9:35 my membranes ruptured, which I felt and knew baby was close. Monty ended up being a compound presentation, and with a big surge I delivered his head. The girls told me to reach down and feel his head- it was such a surreal feeling, suspended between surges, baby almost here.

With the next surge I delivered his body (right arm up!), turned over and pulled Monty up to my chest. I had the greatest sense of relief- we’d done it. I had a real sense of doubt after getting in the bath, and was anxious I hadn’t progressed as far as I thought, but I knew my team would support me, and I didn’t want a repeat of last time.

We didn’t know the gender and Adam had to remind me to have a look!! The midwife got me into the bed quite quickly which I was grateful for, I was getting shaky and she didn’t say it but I think she wanted to assess the tearing sooner rather than later. I delivered my placenta without oxytocin 22 minutes after Monty. I had a second degree tear, which is healing really nicely. Mentally it hasn’t worried me at all- because I know it’s not the direct result of a decision I’ve made (ie, last time having an epidural then consenting to forceps and an episiotomy). This time it’s just what my body had to do to deliver Monty. 

Monty had a great first feed and we had 2 hours uninterrupted skin to skin, it was brilliant. 

I’m so grateful to you for your education and support, it played a great part of this journey and I only wish I’d done your course last time! My recovery mentally has been so much easier too, I’ve cried about 3 tears and I’m pretty sure they were sleep deprivation based!

Birth story and photos shared with permission. Ella and Adam completed my online hypnobirthing course plus 2 private sessions to prepare for their beautiful birth. Well done mama! You're incredible!

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