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Toula's Birth Story

We did it, we had an amazing, positive Hypnobirthing experience and welcomed our little girl Ayv into the world a few days ago. So thankful for having found Hypnobirthing, and especially grateful for lovely Hannah’s wise and experienced guidance and teachings. Through preparing my mind beforehand with affirmations, breathing techniques and meditation tracks, my fears and anxieties started to be replaced with calm, relaxed and positive vibes. I was able to have the natural labour I wanted even though I needed to be induced. I listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks all the way through within a quiet, calm environment at the hospital. My labour lasted 5 hours in the end, and I used gas most of the time. My partner Carl did an amazing job of supporting me, all thanks to knowing what to do using Hypnobirthing techniques. We’re all feeling happy, grateful and relieved. Thank you Hannah, I feel very empowered and proud! ~ Toula.

Birth story shared with permission.

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