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Prue's Birth Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Welcome Edie! Congratulations Prue & Dave - she looks like a very happy hypnobub! First time mum Prue was induced after developing pre-eclampsia and went on to give birth to little Edie after only 2.5 hours of labour 🙌 She had the Hypnobirthing mp3 tracks playing while she slept, and used hypnobirthing techniques plus some gas during her labour. So amazing! Well done guys - I am so happy for you both!

Dave and I attended Hannah's classes from week 32-36 of my pregnancy. Not only did Hannah provide us with the hypnobirthing techniques we used during labour, she educated us about birth in general and our rights within hospital policies. She also clearly defined the role of the birth partner which enabled Dave to play an active role during labour. We entered the final stages of the pregnancy empowered and in control, and believe it directly contributed to the positive experience I had bringing Edie into this world. I recommended anyone out there expecting to get in touch with Hannah. Ps. This is not sponsored or paid, I just can't thank Hannah enough 💕

Edie was born on Saturday 30/09/17 at 1:09pm. She weighs 2.77kg and is 48.5cm long. I developed mild pre-eclampsia last week and required an induction. I went with the balloon catheter overnight Friday and my membranes were ruptured on Saturday at 5:40am. We waited 4 hours for labour to start, however my body didn't respond. I started the hormone drip at 9:30am with labour established at 10:30am. I had the tracks running the night before while I slept and used hypnobirthing techniques during labour. Edie was born vaginally with a 2.5 hour labour using gas and air. Thankfully I didn't tear and feel amazing. I cannot thank you enough for the education and plan to send you a more detailed experience (there's some funnies) once I get home and have some time to type. Sincerest thanks, Prue x

Birth story shared with permission.

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