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April's Birth Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hey Hannah, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing hypnobirthing with Stewie and I. It allowed for a labour and birthing experience that yes, was the most intense experience of my life, but also the most amazing. I had so much confidence in my body and ability to birth little Bailey! Sorry for the essay, but I would love to share my story with you!

On Wednesday morning, I went in for a Birth Centre appointment and stretch and sweep. At 39+1, I decided I would like to know what my cervix was was up to. At the start of my appointment, my blood pressure was elevated, so was likely going to need a PE day stay.

It came time for the stretch and sweep....I could not believe my ears, I was 3cm and fully effaced. My only fear heading into labour that I couldn’t clear with the fear release mp3 track, was that I would be sent home in what I thought was labour, because my cervix was long and closed. I think hearing this news gave my body full permission to get on with the job! Right away, I was cramping 2 in 10! With my BP still elevated, I was taken to a birthing room.

Over the course of my 4 hour day stay, I was tightening 4:10 (4 surges in every 10 minutes) and having to focus on breathing through. I sent Stewie home to grab all our things (we were definitely not planning on having a baby that day). When he returned, we put on our oil diffuser and had music playing and he began the light touch massage. I used the visualisation of walking the biggest hill on my favourite trail and found it so helpful. At the end of my day stay, I was feeling really comfortable in my surroundings, so decided to stay in the Birth Centre instead of going home.

I established in labour at 2pm. I spent about an hour sitting on a birthing ball, breathing through before moving to the shower. The water was amazing!! For the next 2 hours, I was able to breathe through the surges and stay relaxed. About 5.30pm my headspace changed all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed, not knowing how much longer I had ahead, I couldn’t stay relaxed and was fighting my body. So I decided to try some N2O2 gas, which was amazing and within minutes I was back in my groove!

Feeling more calm, I decided that I still wanted to know what I was up to, so I could mentally prepare for what was to come. At 6pm I was 8cm! So I asked the bath to be run, it just felt right. I got in the bath at 6.30pm. It was amazing, because I was weightless and could change position with ease.

At 7pm my membranes ruptured and from there, the sensations changed. Immediately with the peak of surges, I was involuntary pushing. I breathed through , still using the N2O2 gas for as long as I possibly could until I had no choice but to go with my body and push. I think being so calm and focusing on breathing allowed little ones heart rate to remain normal throughout the entire process, not one deceleration was heard!

I was laying semi-reclined, with Stewie sitting at the end of the bath. Although it did not feel like it, everyone that was present said that I stayed so calm and appeared so in control! At 7.37pm, Bailey came into the world and straight into my arms, I could not believe it. I DID IT!

5 hour first stage and 37 minute second stage. I was in awe of my body! Third stage was not quite as calm however, with a pesky placenta that did not want to birth and ended up having a 1000ml PPH (post partum haemorrhage) as 3rd stage was almost 90 minutes And to my surprise, I only had a 1st degree perineal tear, but some small labial tears that needed suturing. Very thankful considering he was 4180g with a 36.5cm head.

I will be forever grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us.

April & Stewie

I absolutely love receiving messages like this! Congratulations April and Stewie - you absolutely embraced the hypnobirthing philosophy and should be so proud! Birth story and photos shared with permission. April and Stewie attended a private Hypnobirthing course in 2018.

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