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Asher's Hypnobirthing Story

Hi Hannah,

My husband and I completed your hypnobirthing classes and I just wanted to email and let you know that we had our little girl Ollie - weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces. I had a stretch and sweep on Thursday afternoon (at 38+5) and my waters broke that night at 2:30am. We had her at 2:13pm the next day after a pretty incredible 12 hour labour.

I cannot thank you enough for preparing me for the most amazing birth. Before Hypnobirthing, the thought of giving birth was absolutely terrifying. And while I was still scared, I felt so prepared going into it and used all of the techniques you taught us.

I felt so in control and my husband and I were so in sync and he knew exactly what to do and when without me asking. He advocated for me throughout the whole process and allowed me to be in the zone. All of the midwives kept commenting that they were all jealous because they wanted to be in our room because it was so calm.

I had our music playing from our wedding day on our birthing playlist, my TENS machine, the fit ball and gas for the last few hours. I was so set on getting an epidural throughout my whole pregnancy, but by the time I suggested I might need it, I was ready to push. I was able to advocate for myself (and so was my husband) and when they suggested an episiotomy I was able to say no and gave one last push and she was out.

We had an amazing hour of skin to skin before my stitches and delayed cord clamping. My husband delivered her and placed her on my chest and it was the most incredible moment. I really didn’t understand how women could reflect on their birth and say it was a good experience because I could only ever see that it would be terrifying and painful, but I honestly would not change a thing.

I am so proud of us and proud of my body and reflect so positively on the whole experience. My husband said I had my eyes closed for around 4 hours because I was so in the zone and used my breathing techniques and relaxation techniques really well.

Again, thank you so so much. I’ve only been a mother for 5 days, but this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done and I am just so in love with our beautiful girl.

Reading other women’s birth stories was what really helped me, so I would love to do the same for others 😊

Photos and birth story shared with permission.

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