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Hannah's Positive Cesarean with Hypnobirthing

Hi Hannah,

Just wanted to drop you a line (belatedly!) to say thanks a bunch for the hypnobirthing course. My husband and I found it invaluable during our labour which had it all!! My waters broke at 8pm on the 20/4 at 39+1 and we were at the hospital by 10:30pm due to being group b strep positive.

By 8am I was in active labour, and things progressed well until I was 8.5cm dilated and then they stopped… I had the syntocin drip, tried lots of positions etc, but labour wasn’t progressing so we went to unplanned C-section. (I say unplanned as it didn’t feel like an emergency! I was fine, baby was fine). At 9:38pm on the 21st April we had our little boy - Angus.

Throughout the labour I listened to the affirmations and deep relaxation tracks, and my husband was an amazing advocate and felt in control. Only TENS and a hot shower used for pain relief until surgery. I’m usually a big wuss, and was open to having pain relief, but didn’t feel the need. We felt calm and in control the whole time and our care team were brilliant and respected our preferences. We’ve been recommending the course to anyone and everyone!! Thanks for helping our first birthing experience be a positive one. Hannah and Joe

Birth story and photos shared with permission.

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