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Jess's Hypnobirthing Story

When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified by the thought of childbirth. I had heard so many stories from other woman where they felt unsupported by the medical system and/or felt their partners were too overwhelmed in the moment to offer adequate assistance.

I was determined to educate myself and my partner as much as possible so I would feel like I had some control over such an unpredictable process.

I am so grateful I came across your course! Not only did it provide my husband and I with the knowledge and tools to navigate labour and birth, it also provided me with the confidence to research on my own.

While an induction was the last thing I wanted, thanks to you I knew the risks and benefits as well as the possible outcomes (most of which were not advised by the doctor who recommended the induction). So when it ended in an emergency c-section I was able to make informed decisions and already had a list of preferences for the midwives to follow. Most importantly it was an outcome I was mentally prepared for.

I am so proud of myself for how I handled the labour and the recovery and my husband was so much help. He was able to advocate for me when I was unable to and make decisions under pressure knowing exactly what I wanted and why.

I believe I was able to process it all and approach the decision calmly thanks to your technique’s.

I wasn’t able to control the labour and birth but I was able to control how I reacted to it.

I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely be recommending your course in future ❤️


Birth story and photos shared with permission.

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