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The Birth of Harper - A Positive Induction Story.

Harper Sophie arrived on 17th Jan at 9.44pm.

Our induction went well & after just an hour of pushing after a long day it turned out that she was posterior (which they hadn’t picked up until she was being born given how high she stayed most of the day & then descended quite quickly right at the end). A big bruise to her head & a small tear with a couple of stitches for me was the worst of it.

Natural birth with no drugs just as I’d wanted. I tried the gas for one surge, but really didn’t like the sensation & decided to stick to my plan of being drug free which I’m glad of - I think it’s really helped my recovery & it really didn’t take long to be up & about & feeling pretty normal again.

I gave birth on my left side which was reasonably comfortable & kept me off my back. Wasn’t able to use the fit ball because the CTG kept falling off & couldn’t get in the shower because of the syntocinon(synthetic oxytocin) drip, but the day went well. We couldn’t have been any happier with the support we got from the staff at Ashford & our medical team.

I think my biggest piece of advice for other people & definitely the key for us was to not be fixated on what specifically had to happen to maintain a positive birth - we worked within how the day evolved & made the most of every change in how things happened. I had been keen to use the fit ball & the shower

Thanks so much for your support & education - we really enjoyed the sessions & felt that we were as prepared as we could have been.

Congratulations Rayleen and Paul! I am so happy that you were able to achieve the positive birth that you were hoping for. ~ Hannah