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We believe that growing and birthing your baby is one of the greatest things you will ever do. Our goal is to change the way that we do pregnancy, birth and parenting today. Don't live in Adelaide? Each of our services can also be provided via phone/video. Check out our services below...

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A session with Hannah is perfect for you if you want to...

Brainstorm solutions to a problem you are faced with.

Share what you're experiencing and how you're feeling with someone who 'gets it.'

Be heard by someone who is 100% there for you.

Ask any questions about preconception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding!


With all appointments we begin our work before we even meet with my detailed pre-consultation questionnaire (emailed to you prior to our session). This means I have all the background information so we can maximise the time we have together. I work with women all over Australia - through preconception, pregnancy and their postnatal journey. 

Some of the areas I support my clients with...

Understanding your cycle to optimise conception 

Choosing a maternity care provider (including changing provider)

Debrief from previous birth

Creating a birth plan

Active Birth Techniques

Releasing fears about birth

Breastfeeding/Postnatal Education

Returning to work and breastfeeding

Newborn sleep support

Planning for your next baby

30 min phone consultation - $75

60 min phone/video consultation -$120

90 min in home consultation - $200.



Interested in ongoing midwifery support throughout your postnatal journey? Click here to check out our Postnatal Packages

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