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Valerie's Birth Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hi Hannah,

We have some news to share with you: Our little boy was born on 24 February, right on the due date! The birth itself was a wonderful experience, I never felt stronger and somehow 'in touch' with myself.

Early labour started at around midnight, but I was able to get some sleep until early morning. From there, things progressed gradually. Jim read out the Opening Lotus Flower script a number of times and I listened to the affirmations. During surges, I focused on my breathing and counted my breaths. I also had a tense machine that I gradually increased during the day.

Around 2.30pm the midwife came to our home, to check how I was going. She was very supportive and was happy for me to labour at home for as long as I felt comfortable. I ended up declining the VE (vaginal exam), and the midwife was certain things were cracking on just from observing me. Around 5pm, she decided to leave to prepare everything at the hospital so we could head in when I felt ready. Just as she was leaving the house, my waters broke. Things started to ramp up quickly from there and I felt the need to get to the hospital. The three of us piled up in our car and off we went! We were in the delivery suite around 5.30pm. After some more time labouring looking over the parklands, I entered transition, but pain relief other than the TENS machine never crossed my mind. At some point, I felt the need to get on the floor leaning over a chair. I started to involuntarily push during contractions, there was no "conscious" effort whatsoever. My body took over completely and I just went with it thinking "The only way is forward", "I got this". I was in a relaxed, trance-like state between surges, almost dozing off. The midwife didn't direct my pushing, but gave me feedback on progress and that was very helpful and reassuring. An hour later, at 8.01pm, our baby made their entry! Such a powerful event, I couldn't believe I had done as I picked him up from the towels on the floor. I felt so happy and elated when I got up and kept saying to Jim "We have a baby, we have a baby!!!" We got onto the bed and just marvelled at our baby for a while. At some point, the midwife asked if we were going to find out the sex. We forgot about that amongst everything! Jim had a look and said it was a boy. Such happiness.

Jim was there the entire time, his presence was priceless throughout and gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was safe, and he was definitely the best pain relief (when he parked the car I felt a lot more 'out of touch', uneasy and lonely). Long story short: What I learned in your class was invaluable, the techniques to get me into the "zone" worked so well, especially the affirmations. Once at the hospital, I was so in flow, that I didn't need any music, scripts or anything. One of the best experiences of our lives! Thank you again.

Throughout the labour, I wore a pair of glasses designed to block out any blue light. They lend the world a orange/ yellow tinge. We thought this might be helpful to keep melatonin and in turn oxytocin levels up, especially when having to leave the house and go to the hospital during the day and in brightly lit surrounds. I'm not sure how big their impact on the birth, but my labour progressed steadily and they the glasses may have been a contributing factor. I would use them again that's for sure.

Valerie and Jim

I absolutely love receiving emails like this! Congratulations Valerie and Jim - you absolutely embraced the hypnobirthing philosophy and should be so proud! Birth story and photos shared with permission. Valerie and Jim attended a group Hypnobirthing course in 2018.

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